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Currently we are working on a platform and are already close to completion. Very soon we will introduce it to you. 10 projects.

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About the project

The Compositecoin platform brings together innovative projects for the real economy and their potential investors. Unlike other aggregators, the third and mandatory side of the process are experts, if necessary also performing the role of mentors in the development of business innovation projects.

Expertise of projects is carried out by independent experts in two key areas. The task of the technical expert is to give an opinion on the scientific and technical prospects of the projects being drawn up for the ICO. The business expert examines the commercial component of the project: the market, the project team, the prospects for commercialization, the financial model, etc. The income of each expert depends on the revenues of the Compositcoin platform, which motivates them to the highest quality performance of their work


To an investor

The projects proposed for investment have been examined and have an investment evaluation by qualified specialists. This allows to significantly reduce the risks of the investor when investing capital.

The possibility of portfolio investment in a number of projects for the selected priority: the stage of development, sectoral focus, etc. This diversification strategy makes investing accessible to a wide range of investors, including. not having a special education and experience.

The platform functionality combines the necessary service component and ease of use. The intuitive structure of the platform makes the investment process simple and logical.

To a company entering ICO

The opportunity to present your project to dozens and hundreds of thousands of investors from around the world. Maximum operational, without excessive red tape, examination, examination and placement of the submitted project in the base of investment projects of the platform.

Possibility to get a qualified expert evaluation of the technical and commercial perspectives of the presented project from experts of the CompositeCoin platform.

We are planning the most loyal conditions for innovative projects and their initiators - entrepreneurs. One of the options for the platform will be the payment of services for the organization of ICO from outside funds, rather than from the project.

To an expert

The expert gets the opportunity to realize his potential as a specialist, receiving as a reward for the work of the project tows, the expertise of which he conducted.

For an expert, the platform provides an opportunity to fulfill the role of not just an expert, but also a project mentor who provides consulting and other services to the project in exchange for remuneration.

Depending on the success of the activity of an expert, the platform will form its rating. The presence of a rating and history of expertise will allow experts to confirm their reputation as specialists.


As a platform for real business projects, we ourselves create the same, simple and understandable business.
The platform receives a commission for placing each project. This commission is equal to 1% of the money raised by the ICO project + 2% of the tokens.
Before receiving money for the ICO, the new project does not incur any expenses and can concentrate resources on the development of its product.
30% of the platform’s profit is sent to the holders of the CompositeCoin tokens
30% of the profit is received by CompositeCoin experts.


CMN Token

Fund distribution

  • It is placed on the ICO: 70%
  • Reserved for the project team: 20%
  • Mentors: 5%
  • Reserve for the first experts 3%
  • Bounty program: 2%

ICO Structure

  • Cost of the token:
    CMN 0.5 $ on Pre ICO
  • Cost of the token:
    CMN 1$ on ICO

Date of Pre ICO:
January 13, 2018 – January 31, 2018

The bonus program for early buyers of tokens is not provided.

  • Minimum fee: $0.2M
  • The main goal of ICO: $0.5M
  • Maximum fee: $1M

Date of ICO:
March 1 2017 - March 30, 2017

  • Minimum fee: $1M
  • The main goal of ICO: $5M
  • Maximum fee: $10M

Distribution of
collected funds

  • Development and launch of the platform - 50%
  • Marketing - 30%
  • Legal services - 10%
  • Operating expenses - 10%
  • Bounty program::
    2% of the total number of released tokens


  • March-July 2017
    CompositeCoin conceptual design
  • August-October 2017
    preparation for entering PreICO
  • November 2017
    start of an advertising company PreICO
  • January 2018
    Development of the Composite platform
  • From 1 July to 1 August.
    50 first placed innovative projects


Aleksey Vaitin

Co-founder of innovative platform СompositeСoin. He oversees the issues of strategic development. The current businessman and private investor.

Dmitriy Moskvitin

Co-founder of innovative platform СompositeСoin. Performs operational management of project activities. Provides interaction with potential investors and financial institutions.

Gleb Lazis

Engineer, an experienced programmer in the field of blockchain technologies.

Dmitriy Zhitov

Representative and coordinator of platform activities in the United States. Provides interaction with potential investors, experts, entrepreneurs and initiators of innovative projects.

Komarov Alexander

Head of the expert service. He has considerable experience in the examination of innovative projects for institutional and private investors, as well as his own experience in managing innovative projects. Private investor.

Feliks Latserus

Adviser to the project on strategic development. Has many years of experience in the management of innovative business projects.

Josh Roomsburg

Advisor on marketing (advertising) and owner of the company jackson marketing


What is CompositeCoin?

The CompositeCoin platform is intended to directly connect the innovative projects of the real economy and their potential investors.

What is the basic pattern of work?

First, the application is registered, at this stage the project is in the waiting mode of examination and is not visible to anyone but experts. The second stage is the evaluation of the project. At this stage experts begin to evaluate the technical component of the project. The third stage is the publication. At the final stage, the investors registered on the platform study new projects placed on the platform within the framework of the ICO and carry out their purchase.

What is Сomposite Coin cross platform?

Сomposite Coin cross platform is an opportunity for diversification in individual investment, for startups the opportunity to attract funding for the Pre-ICO.

What the investor and startup receives?

Startups receive services of Pre-ico and ICO support, communication with investors also falls on the "shoulders" of the "Composite Coin" team.
The investor invests funds directly into the project. For investor expertise and technical support are provided free of charge.

What and what is the Composite Coin token provided for?

The Composite Coin token (compositecoin) provides portfolio diversification and reduces the risks of individual investments.
CMN Composite Coin Token provides portfolio diversification and reduces the risks of individual investments.
The token of Composite Coin is provided by the intelligent resources of the platform's expert community. The price of the token depends on the quality of the startup portfolio.

Are there any interest payments on tokens if they are purchased by investors?

The Composite Coin token Dividend program provides for distribution of 30% of income from net profit of the project in favor of investors.

What is the liquidity provided for?

The liquidity of the platform will be provided by the following parameters:
  • The work of the platform and the interest from investors will be caused by buying and selling tokens on the exchange;
  • Application of the token for payment of services on selection of startups accompanied by ICO, expertise;
  • 70% of tokens will be placed free-float, which will ensure their high liquidity on the stock exchange.

What are the advantages of the Composite Coin platform?

The main advantages of the platform are the following:
  • "Composite Coin" conducts analysis of project and financial activities of projects that have received investments on the platform;
  • Expertise is interested in objective evaluations of the project, the payment algorithm "Composite Coin" binds the expert's income to the final results and long-term prospects of startup;
  • The platform constantly expands the number of involved experts that provides quality and professionalism of expertise

What versions of the platform are planning to release the Composite Coin team?

The platform team plans to release versions: Desktop and mobile, all this is necessary for the convenience of working with investors, experts and startups.

How many coins will be issued during the ICO?

Total will be issued 15 000 000 (fifteen million) coins.

Why did your team choose ICO?

There is too much bureaucracy in the IPO and absolutely unnecessary effort, so we have chosen the most appropriate option for the implementation of our international project within the ICO.

Are there any discounts during Pre Ico?

Tokens during Pre Icowill be sold at 50% discount.

Where can I find information about the Bounty program?

You can find exhaustive information on the Bounty program compositecoin here.

Is the number of tokens limited?

The total amount of tokens will be determined by ICO results. There will be no additional issue of CMN tokens.

How to make a purchase in cryptocurrency?

What is ICO?

ICO (the initial offer of coins) is a crowdfunding model that allows us to issue digital shares (tokens) in exchange for investments. Each token entitles its owner to the share of the annual profit of Composite Coin, proportionally distributed among all token holders.

Where can I find out more about the Composite Coin project?

The best way to learn about the project is to read the prospectus, information on the website or contact us directly:
Facebook: Https://
Bitcointalk: Https://
Twitter: Https://
Telegram: Https://


How do I register my account?

To participate in the Pre-Ico Composite Coin, you need to register. To register your account, go to the registration page.

Where and how to store CMN tokens and receive dividends?

At the end of the fiscal year 30% of the distributed profit is sent to the purse Ethereum (ETH) containing the smart contract.
The ETH is then redistributed proportionally to all CMN token holders in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.
To receive dividends, CMN must be stored on Ethereum purse that supports ERC20-compatible tokens, such as a purse.

Is the CMN standard compliant with ERC20?

Yes, Compositecoin Token (CMN) complies with the ERC20 standard and can be stored on Ethereum purses that support this protocol.

I buy not a whole number of tokens? (for example, 31.05 CMN)

Each Compositecoin token (CMN) can be divided up to 18 tenths. The smallest division is 0.0000000000000001 CMN.

How will the collected information be used?

The Compositecoin response will use the collected information to verify the legality of the collected funds in accordance with the AML/CFT * standards when communicating with regulatory and auditing authorities. This will allow to use the collected funds in the development of the project.
* Anti Money Laundering and countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) – Counteraction to money laundering and terrorism financing".

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